Beyond our Plate

Growing Youth Leaders

Beyond Our Plate

Youth engaged in critical thinking and making community change

Beyond Our Plate is high school aged program engaging youth in critical thinking on food security issues and making change in their communities.  The curriculum is designed to incubate the development of Youth Food Councils for the province.

The Beyond Our Plate Program was initially developed for a school in Winnipeg.  Teachers were concerned that students experiencing food insecurity were blaming themselves without an understanding of the larger, systems wide causes. After the workshop, students demonstrated a broader understanding and they were keen on the next step of taking system changing action.

Food Matters expanded delivery of the program to schools in south-central Manitoba through a coalition of social service providers in the district.  As news spreads about the program, interest in hosting it is growing.

There are 3 aspects to Beyond Our Plate:

Food Matters Manitoba facilitators assist high school aged youth to identify concerns they have about food insecurity and practice problem solving through a mock Local Food Council.

Youth follow up the workshop learning with a project to address a local food related issue or concern which they have identified.   The projects include research, community engagement, and advocacy.

The aim is to connect with local multi-sector partners to begin building a network to support youth identified projects and work toward a local/regional Youth Food Council.

I am more aware about how important food security is and how it’s important to solve any problem there is … because it affects me and the community drastically.

- rural Grade 12  participant

Top banner photo credit  Zachary Nelson