Blast from the Past Postcards- Stories and Recipes featuring Traditional Foods

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Back in the fall of 2013 when we first launched our youth cooking classes, we ran a series of
workshops in partnership with Graffiti Art Programming and local knowledge keeper, Audrey
Logan. Audrey came in and shared some of her knowledge about traditional foods, and the kids
drew pictures of their favourite parts.

Their art was displayed in Neechi Commons, and some of the pictures were paired with
traditional recipes and stories and turned into this (incredibly cute) collectible postcard series.

Click the images to see it larger and to read the traditional knowledge shared by Audrey Logan.

The Story of Corn

OFOHOC kids postcards_print-1OFOHOC kids postcards_print-2

The Sister Strawberry Story

OFOHOC kids postcards_print-3 OFOHOC kids postcards_print-4

Moose Stew (Recipe)

OFOHOC kids postcards_print-5OFOHOC kids postcards_print-6

The Three Sisters

OFOHOC kids postcards_print-7 OFOHOC kids postcards_print-8

Three Sisters Soup (Recipe)

OFOHOC kids postcards_print-9 OFOHOC kids postcards_print-10

Roasted Carrots (Recipe)

OFOHOC kids postcards_print-11 OFOHOC kids postcards_print-12

Blueberry Freezer Jam (Recipe)

OFOHOC kids postcards_print-13 OFOHOC kids postcards_print-14

River Bank Grape and Raisin Bannock (Recipe)

OFOHOC kids postcards_print-15OFOHOC kids postcards_print-16

Mashed Potatoes (Recipe)

OFOHOC kids postcards_print-17OFOHOC kids postcards_print-18

Applesauce (Recipe)

OFOHOC kids postcards_print-19OFOHOC kids postcards_print-20