Eat Well

Eat Well 8 week Workshop Series

Community Cooking Together, Online.

Eat Well is a series of online cooking and nutrition workshops spread out over 8 weeks. Each workshop is 2 1/2  hours and include group discussions, activity-based learning, as well as hands-on cooking components.

In this virtual version, participants can follow along with ingredients in their own kitchens. Facilitators demonstrate recipes and lead a new discussion/topic each week.

Topics include: grocery shopping and budget basics, reading nutrition labels, diabetes information, plant-based eating, home kitchen food safety and more!

Eat Well’s goal is to help community members build on their existing experience to improve knowledge, attitudes, and skills toward making healthy food choices. This series of workshops is for the general public and is appropriate for adults, older youth, and families attending together.  

Join us online. Get ready to cook, share your experience and add new inspiration to your menu.

Here’s what to expect in the 8 week workshop series.

1. Introduction and Food Safety

Participants are introduced to facilitators, each other, and the program. Food safety procedures are discussed and demonstrated.

2. Healthy Eating and Plant Foods

Participants learn key points about basic nutrition and identify strategies on how to have a nutritionally-balanced meal. Participants also learn the benefits of consuming whole plant foods and how to incorporate them in meals.

3. Sugar, Salt, and Fat Are Everywhere! Part 1

Participants learn about the prevalence of sugar in our diets. Diabetes, portion sizes, and carbohydrate pairing are discussed.

4. Sugar, Salt, and Fat Are Everywhere! Part 2

Participants learn about the prevalence of salt and fat in our diets. The links between cardiovascular conditions, fats, sodium and fibre intake are discussed.

5. Healthy Eating on a Budget

Participants practice menu planning and discuss strategies for saving energy, time, and money without sacrificing nutrition and taste.

6. Packaged Foods and Label Reading

Participants learn how to interpret food labels and what to be aware of when it comes to food advertising.

7. Grocery Store Tour

Participants practice food label reading and discuss the application of the strategies that they came up with during the fifth workshop.

8. Celebration Day

Potluck and nutrition trivia activities.

Eat Well is currently offered online

$255 per participant for the entire series – Only $32 per workshop!