Food Policy For Thought

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The Uniter | Winnipeg

By: Talula Schlegel

Winnipeg is getting a glance at what a food policy council will look like for the city.

The development of this council was approved unanimously by the Executive Policy Council on Feb. 8. The food policy council must still be approved once more before action can be taken and a membership list developed.

“The food council’s general function would be to give advice to the mayor and city council, support food-related work in the community, encourage collaboration and networking between and within food sectors (and) support ongoing consultation,” Karin Kliewer of the planning, property and development department for the city, says.

But when tackling a number of issues relating to food, how do you make meaningful change that affects the root of a particular food issue?

Ryan Cardwell, an associate professor in the department of agribusiness and agricultural development for the University of Manitoba (U of M), cautions against the use of an umbrella council to address the complex issue of food security.

“Anytime a body like this gets together and has grand aspirations, I think the first thing to do and the most important thing to do is have realistic expectations,” Cardwell says. “If they want to have any effect on some sort of measurable objective, they have to identify what that objective is.”

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