We believe strongly in employing people who are working towards important food initiatives, supporting ceremonies and fostering self-determinative environments.  

 The Harvester program is one of the solutions we’ve co-developed through our Northern Partnerships. This program goes beyond traditional harvesting; not only to we support partners with resources and supplies, we also provide them with valuable employment to viably continue their important work. 


The Harvester program consists of supporting harvesters from participating communities through long term honoraria. These harvesters collect local traditional food sources through means such as hunting, fishing, trapping, and gathering, with the goal of providing traditional food for the community that is readily available year-round free of charge. In addition, by having the harvester teams comprised of local elders, youth, and other community members together, this program also actively preserves key Indigenous traditions. 

The Harvester program bypasses many of the barriers and challenges present in current food insecurity interventions such as food hamper shipments and food cost subsidies. As these methods are more aligned with the principles of food sovereignty, Indigenous self-determination, environmental and fiscal sustainability, they are more effective in reducing food insecurity rates than current policy allows for.