Golden Carrot Awards to Highlight Manitoba’s Work Towards Healthy Food

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Golden Carrot Awards to Highlight Manitoba’s Work Towards Healthy Food

Winnipeg, MB: From teaching youth to garden to making sure you know what goes into the food you feed your family, Manitobans are working hard to create a just and sustainable food system.

The Golden Carrot Awards is an annual awards program hosted by local registered charity Food Matters Manitoba. The program aims to highlight the work that individuals, community groups, educators, and businesses are doing to ensure that all Manitobans have access to good, healthy, nutritious food.

Manitoba food champions are nominated in one of six categories; rural, urban, media, business, education, and youth. A full list of nominees can be found on Food Matters Manitoba’s website:

“We have over 40 people from across Manitoba that have been nominated for the work that they do.”, says Kreesta Doucette, Executive Director for Food Matters Manitoba, “We think it’s really important to recognize the work that communities and individuals are doing to create a better food system for all Manitobans, because it is a joint effort.”

The local charity is also excited to recognize the work of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA). The WRHA will attend the event to sign Food Matters’ Manitoba Food Charter. Almost ten years ago, the Manitoba Food Charter set out to identify what Manitobans believe our food system should look like. Through more than 70 public consultations, the Manitoba Food Charter document was drafted. The Charter is a vision of how our food system should be and can be, it exists today to unit the work of individuals, organizations, business, and political representatives in creating a just and sustainable food system.

The WRHA is one of the largest and most diverse health regions in Canada. It is responsible for providing health care to more than 700,000 people living in the City of Winnipeg as well as the surrounding Rural Municipalities of East and West St. Paul and the Town of Churchill, located in northern Manitoba.

With an annual operating budget of nearly $2.4 billion dollars, the WRHA operates of funds 200 health service facilities and programs. With their extensive reach, Food Matters Manitoba is excited to see the action steps that the WRHA will be taking to bring about the vision of the Manitoba Food Charter.

 The Golden Carrot Awards is a public event and open to all. The awards ceremony will be held on World Food Day, October 16 from 9:30 to 11am at the Manitoba Legislative Building. The ceremony will be hosted by Kreesta Doucette, Executive Director of Food Matters Manitoba, and the Honourable Ron Kostyshyn, Minister of Agriculture.

As a registered charity, Food Matters Manitoba works with northerners, newcomers, families, and farmers to harvest, share, and prepare good food. 

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