We work with communities, organizations, and governments to increase awareness and plan for food security in Manitoba. We host and participate in public consultations, direct and partner on evaluation and research projects, and work directly with policymakers to guide local, provincial, and national food systems planning and food security policy.

What is Food Security?

At Food Matters Manitoba, we believe that food security exists when all people, all the time have what they need to eat well. This means that food is:

  • Available: There is always enough food for all people
  • Adequate: All people can have food that meets their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs
  • Acceptable: All food is produced and consumed in culturally-appropriate, sustainable, and dignified ways
  • Accessibility: All people can eat well, free from physical, economic, social, or political barriers
  • Agency: All people understand, benefit from, and can make changes to the food system

Reports & Research

What’s the state of food in Manitoba? Check out some of our previous reports including community food assessments, policy recommendations, and more!

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