Looking forward to a successful second year for the Winnipeg Food Council

 In Policy and Planning

On December 14th, the Winnipeg Food Council met to discuss membership appointments for 2019, allocation of remaining 2018 funds, and the forthcoming Winnipeg Food Strategy.

Jasmine Tara (citizen at large member) and Rob Moquin (representative from a community group) were re-appointed by the members of the Winnipeg Food Council for an additional two-year term expiring on December 31, 2020. Also rejoining the Winnipeg Food Council in 2019 are Lavonne Harms (representative appointed by the WHRA) and Phaedra Miller (representative appointed by the Province of Manitoba). Rob Moquin was re-appointed as vice-chairperson for the Winnipeg Food Council.

Winnipeg Food Council members decided that the remaining funds from the 2018 budget (approximately $1000) be used to purchase tickets for community members to attend the Direct Farm Marketing Conference (Feb 8-9, 2019), to buy groceries for cooking workshops at the North End Food Security Network, and to start to develop communications tools for the Winnipeg Food Council.

At its next meeting in February, the Winnipeg Food Council will begin working on the first Winnipeg Food Strategy. The work of developing the strategy will be facilitated by a coach, hired by the Winnipeg Food Council with funds from the McConnell Foundation.

Stay tuned for more about the Winnipeg Food Strategy and what the Winnipeg Food Council has in store for 2019.

By Michelle La and Rob Moquin