Our Mission

Everybody Eats Well, All the Time

Vision: A Food Secure Manitoba

Food Matters Manitoba is building a province where good food nourishes strong communities and healthy people.

Mission: Cultivating Leaders on Food Security

We cultivate leadership by working with community partners, public policy makers, and youth to develop strategies and take action towards a food secure Manitoba where everyone has everything they need to eat well, all the time.  

Values: How we work. How we partner

We are…

Systems thinkers. We understand and approach food issues as part of a complex and interconnected system of people, practices and processes within multiple scales.

Innovators. We are unafraid to take risks in order to develop creative programs that respond to community needs.

Community driven. We believe that successful initiatives must have the active participation and ownership of people most affected by the issue, and build on their shared knowledge, skills and capacity.

Respectful. We recognize and celebrate the inherent worth, dignity, history, diversity, relationship to the land, capacity and ways of knowing of all people and life.

We strive to be compassionate, provide the highest quality supports, learn from each other’s mistakes and trust people to rise above challenges.

Collaborators. We work together with many communities, partners and stakeholders to elevate our collective impact.

Accountable. We take responsibility for our intent and actions. We are open, honest, clear and timely with each other, our partners and stakeholders.

Action: Inspiring, Connecting, Nurturing, Growing

Upstream action on food security is the critical edge for action. We work with community leaders looking to make a difference and build on the strengths of diverse stakeholders to ensure food security in Manitoba.

As the leading expert on food security in Manitoba and a charitable, non-profit, non-partisan organization, Food Matters Manitoba is a clear fit for providing a hub for upstream action on food security.

The issues are complex and call for strong leaders to address concerns like household food insecurity, regional disparity, colonization and racism, diet acculturation, and diet-related disease.

A Program and Networking Hub for Manitoba

We have a solid reputation for developing high quality programs and curricula, nurturing networks and partnerships, and influencing public policy.

Our program initiatives support community partners, policy makers and public institutions in achieving their food security objectives.  Look under the “How We Work” tab to learn more about our programs.

Download our Program Brochure.

Upstream Action on Food Security


Assess the impact of POLICIES AND PROGRAMS towards enhancing food security


Develop strategies and interventions that prioritize solutions to FOOD SYSTEMS ISSUES


Nurture collaboration and partnership projects that have a COLLECTIVE IMPACT on the food system


Develop policies and programs that ADDRESS INEQUITIES in the food system

Adapted from National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (2017). Upstream action on food insecurity: A curated reading list. Antigonish, NS: St. Francis Xavier University.