Cultivating Leaders on Food Security

Good Food

Strong Communities

Healthy People

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What we do


Food Matters Manitoba is building a province where good food nourishes strong communities and healthy people.

We cultivate leadership by working with community partners, public policy makers, and youth to develop strategies and take action towards a food secure Manitoba where everyone has everything they need to eat well, all the time.  

Our Mandate: Cultivating Leaders

We work with community leaders looking to make a difference through collaborative projects that get at the root of food systems issues. We build on the strengths of diverse stakeholders to ensure food security in Manitoba.

The issues are complex and call for strong leaders to address concerns like household food insecurity, regional disparity, colonization and racism, diet acculturation, and diet-related disease.

Program Initiatives

Our program initiatives support community partners, policy makers and public institutions in achieving their food security objectives, using the most promising practices and best available evidence.

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Public, private, and community-based organizations collaborate on planning and policies that enhance food security in Manitoba.

Through Public Engagement learning deepens understanding.

With Policy Analysis data informs good decisions.

Supported Community Planning nurtures ideas and innovation.

Food Action

Community organizations in Manitoba are equipped to deliver high-quality programs that meet the food security needs of the people they serve through a dynamic, online and face to face network of support and training.

Expanded knowledge and skill, decreased isolation and competency on food and issues results in stronger communities.

Northern  & Community Partners

Local organizations and animators are supported in grassroots initiatives that promote community food security and local leadership.

Educational programs, particularly for youth, broaden traditional food and cultural experiences.

Support for local agriculture: gardens, bees, greenhouses promotes sustainability.

Our Plate

Manitoba youth are engaged in critical thinking on food security issues and make change in their communities through an interactive high school learning and action curriculum.

Youth are motivated to address the issues as they learn what affects the community, affects them too. The experience of collective planning and action is empowering.uth

We believe in a province where everyone eats well, all the time

Our work is only possible with the support of generous donors.

We are grateful for our many supporters who believe in our work and give generously to support it. 

Photo credit  Luiza Braun