Research, Assessment, and Policy Advocacy


An understanding of lived experience and the wisdom of generations’ old cultural solutions, together with academic research and technical expertise. 

With our work through Research, Assessment, and Policy Advocacy, we: 

Listen to and amplify the voices of experts*.  

Partner in research and assessment projects that analyze successful community-led food initiatives so that we can understand what a secure local food system can look like at its best. 

Use this new understanding to guide us in advocating for policy change. 

Develop, curate and distribute educational resources that disseminate information about our complex food systems to help us gain a better collective understanding of the root causes of food insecurity.  


*Our definition of expert is an inclusive one. We listen to and amplify the voices of both context and content experts. Context experts are people with lived experience of the subject area. Content experts are people who formally study or work in the subject area. 


Research and Assessment 

 Food Matters Manitoba’s partnerships with leading nutrition and food security research institutions have produced novel research on food environments, newcomer nutrition, sustainable food systems, and food policy.  

We have been a leader in conducting community food assessments and mobilizing urban, rural, and northern communities in local planning, data collection, and asset mapping. This has allowed us to identify where there is capacity and readiness to work together and incubate the development and growth of initiatives. Through our initiation and support the cities of Winnipeg and Brandon have both established Food Councils resulting in 800,000 Manitobans benefitting from a local Food Council. 

When undertaking new research and/or assessment endeavours, our goal remains to gain a better understanding of our complex food systems and the societal forces that are intrinsically tied to them.  

These endeavours create learning opportunities that challenge policy makers, service providers, community groups and youth create and deepen awareness about the root causes of food insecurity. 


Policy Advocacy 

 Working with organizations and individuals throughout the province, we are able to conduct policy scans, collate existing research, and commission research and analysis. Our background papers, reports and briefings provide timely information for political leaders, industry and community organizations. 

When they are equipped with the best available data, policy analysis, and a network of support, local change agents contribute to equity and sustainability in the food system. Food security is then enhanced by informed public policies, comprehensive food security strategies and innovative, community developed programs that are shown to work.