annual reports


Food Matters Manitoba is accountable to its funders, partners, consumers, and participants. We take appropriate steps to ensure fiduciary responsibility and organizational sustainability, including:

  • Preparing and approving an annual budget
  • Ensuring expenditure management oversight
  • Maintaining sufficient operating funds to carry out the mandate of the organization
  • Fulfilling all funding and regulatory requirements, including timely and accurate reporting
  • Having clear and effective privacy, confidentiality, and conflict of interest policies
  • Conducting an annual, independent financial audit
  • Providing annual financial and impact reports to stakeholders and the public

Annual Meeting for 2020-2021

Annual Meeting held September 21, 2021

Annual Meeting for 2019-2020

Annual Meeting held September 22, 2020

Annual Meeting for 2018-2019

Annual Meeting Held September 26, 2019

Annual Meeting for 2017-2018

Annual Meeting Held September 27, 2018

Annual Meeting for 2016-2017

Annual Meeting Held September 20, 2017

Annual Reports

Annual Reports for 2015 to 2008
Financial Statements available upon request