Speaker Series


Food is often a collective and shared communal experience.

We recognize that food security is a unique experience for each individual. We also recognize that all food can create connections that are emotional, cultural, physical, or spiritual. This is also why our work includes a focus on the broader social impacts that lead to food security. 



Sharing food stories, perspectives, and experiences


There is a duality to food security as it is both a collective communal experience and an individual experience unique to each person. The Speaker Series explores this duality by discussing food matters from various avenues, perspectives, and experiences. We also take the time to dig deep and explore how different societal systems affect the way each of us can experience food security similarly or differently. 

The format of the series differs from time to time. Sometimes it is a formal conversation (such as a discussion panel or an interview), sometimes it is a casual one-on-one chat between friends. Sometimes it is a live event, sometimes it is pre-recorded. Through this, we hope to amplify the voices of both context and content experts. Context experts are people with lived experience of the subject area, and content experts are people who formally study or work in the subject area.