Building Capacity

Northern and Community Partners

Grass roots initiatives for food security and local leadership

We work with communities throughout the province to name and address problems and opportunities which they perceive to be important to increasing their food security. Our commitment is to food action which respects and integrates local culture, traditions and values.   

Through our Partnership Programs, community innovators and visionaries experiment and model approaches for a stronger, more food secure future. Program goals address improving the quality of life and address social, cultural and economic viability.

Deepening cultural wisdom and practices related to food (harvesting, growing, preserving, sharing, appreciating) promotes community and individual healing and improves availability of adequate and nutritious food.

Northern Healthy Food Initiatives

Food Matters Manitoba is mandated through the Province of Manitoba’s Northern Healthy Foods Initiative to deliver land based food programming (traditional country based food and local food production) in 13 Northern communities.

Our Land Based Educational programs, particularly for youth, broaden experiences on the land and build skills and confidence for leadership.

The Northern Youth Gathering is one of our signature programs. (see a video about the Youth Gathering)

Food Matters provides support for agricultural ventures, including gardens, bees, chickens, greenhouses, and orchards. 

Staff work with community members to assist in linking with resources to bridge gaps in knowledge and infrastructure.  We partner with others in problem solving.

Encouraging and utilizing local leaders strengthens capacity. Events such as the annual Grow North Conference, are a great place for training, sharing resources, and supporting the networking of ideas. 

Our support helps in overcoming isolation for community visionaries and promotes sustainability.

we are proud to have partners like Food Matters Manitoba that work with us … Year after year they provide us with equipment, materials, training opportunities, and other resources to support the hard work and dedication of our community members.

- Chief, Fox Lake Cree Nation

Photo credit  unsplash-logoKevin Noble