Kinosao Sipi


Here are the different ways in which we currently support the important work of our partners in Kinosao Sipi (Norway House)

Harvesters in Norway House travel around the area to a few different lakes and rivers, including Molson Lake, Hairy Lake, Hayes River, and the Icimamis River. Over 100 different youth have joined our partner harvesters on trips, where they practice fishing, trapping, snaring, and hunting skills. Youth are engaged in Cree language teachings while out hunting and are able to bring food back to their families as well as share with elders in the community. 

We send soil and seeds to our partners in Norway House to cultivate annual vegetable crops and berry plants at their local community garden club. Some of our partners also work with the Norway House school to plant directly on the school grounds with student help! 

During the summer months, we support elders and community members to collect water and land-based medicines in the areas around Norway House.  

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We helped provide building supplies such as wood to furnish Norway House’s Culture Camp with additional cabins and Norway House’s Fishing Camp with a bush garden.