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Here are the different ways in which we currently support the important work of our partners in Kiscewaskahikan (York Landing/ York Factory)

Our partners in Kischewaskahegan travel to Churchill in the spring for a goose hunt. We help by providing harvesting-support materials when needed, which especially came in handy when the ferry leading to Kischewaskahegan was unavailable for some of the 2022 summer months. 

There is a greenhouse located at the York Factory school, and we work with the school to provide seeds every spring for growing plants.  

Picture and text to come.

Picture and text to come.

Kischewaskahegan sits across Split Lake from Tastaskweyak to the southwest, and is usually connected by a ferry in the summer months and by road (traversing Split Lake) in the winter months. During that time, we send harvesting and gardening supplies through to the community and help fill equipment gaps when they arise. We’re also sending equipment to build a smokeshack at their local goose camp for the whole community to use!