Makeso Sakahikan 

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Here are the different ways in which we currently support the important work of our partners in Makeso Sakahikan (Fox Lake and Gillam)

Our harvesting partners in Makeso Sakahikan go out on the land to hunt, fish, and trap. Our partners have a strong tie to the school, where youth are able to join them on outings for school credit! Over 25 different youth are regularly taken on trips during the spring and fall to learn these land-based skills, and two of these youth have even been trained to run their own trap lines!  

We send berry plants up north for our partners to plant every spring. This includes annual vegetable crops like tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, and peppers, and perennial berries like saskatoon berries, strawberries, and cherry trees! 

Our Makeso Sakahikan partners lead trips for youth to traverse the province in search of collecting a wide array of important medicines. As part of this, these youth are also able to meet with people from other communities.

We helped build hunting cabins near Pikahokan Sakahikan (Angling Lake) that harvesters can use as a base for local fishing expeditions.