Food Action Hub

Engaging Community

Welcome to the Food Action Hub

Strong, Connected and Informed Community Organizations

The Food Action Hub is an innovative response to the particular needs of community serving organizations and food security practitioners. 

The Hub is a province wide member network delivering to the door support, up to date resources, connections for cross fertilization and direct leadership development.  Through the Hub, community leaders and workers have access to supports (tools, tutorials, curricula, referrals) and are connected to others with insights and experience.

The Hub is primarily digital and therefore widely accessible, but includes face to face components as relationship is an important cultural value we respect. 

Hub members participate in facilitated learning and engagement tools, access a library of relevant resources, find support for their learning needs, and connect and contribute to the collective wisdom. 

Participants gain competency on food issues and food education, develop leadership capacity, get support to create their own solutions to increase food sovereignty, and, they feel less isolated.

The Food Action Hub will provide Members a networking infrastructure as well as access to high quality curricula, curated external resources, value-added learning opportunities (e.g. webinars), referrals and connection to topic specific facilitators, and some one-on-one support from our trained staff (mentorship and coaching).

The focus for the content and support is on strengthening organizations to improve food security in the province. Content will include food and food related programming (such as nutrition and food delivery), building community and organizational capacity (such as leadership development and fund raising support) and addressing the systemic barriers to food insecurity (such as responding to poverty, racism and regional disparity).

The networking infrastructure includes forums (discussion boards and other tools) that connect food security leaders across cultural groups and professional fields. We want to allow the content and context experts to share and work together towards meaningful solutions to the complex food related issues that their communities face.

The Food Action Hub is in the testing phase and will be open to full membership early in the fall.

The Hub welcomes serving organizations and food security practitioners (such as Community Family Centres, Indigenous Health Centres, Food Banks, Shelters, Inner-city schools, Newcomer Services); governance and other public organizations (such as Band Councils, Regional Health Authorities, School Boards); individuals (such as teachers and academics), and businesses and corporate partners.

The Food Action Hub is in the testing phase and will be open to full membership early in the fall.

Contact us and we will notify you as soon as membership is open.

The cost for membership has not yet determined, but will be based on the size of the organization and its budget.  We are exploring ideas to support organizations without the capacity to pay so that all the benefits of the Hub will be widely available.

Please be in touch if you are interested in the Food Action Hub.  We are so excited about this initiative that we are happy to share what is being developed and welcome input.

… with its emphasis on building and sharing community based expertise so that food security solutions meet the needs at the local level, this will be a much needed tool in fighting the effects of poverty.

- Executive Director, Social Planning Council of Winnipeg