Strong, Connected and Informed Community Organizations

The Food Action Hub is an innovative response to the needs of community serving organizations and food security practitioners.

The Hub is a province wide member network that provides personal and online network support, up to date resources, connections for cross Manitoba collaboration and direct leadership development.  Through the Hub, community leaders and practitioners have access to support and can connect directly with others sector experts with related insights and experience.

The online Hub provides accessible connection for partners all across Manitoba. But, of course, Food Matters knows the value of in-person and face to face connection and relationships in the community work we all do. As the impacts of public health restrictions and social distancing , we look forward to creating additional offline opportunities for connection as well.

The Food Action Hub provides members a sector-focused social networking experience to connect, collaborate, learn & share and take action together towards a food secure Manitoba. This online platform provides access to curricula, curated external resources, value-added learning opportunities (e.g. webinars), referrals and connection to topic specific facilitators, and some one-on-one support from our trained staff (mentorship and coaching).

Our Goal: Provide support, resources and consistent community connection to partner agencies delivering food security programming across the province.

Check out the list of resources on the Food Action Hub here.

We also curate the Hub Blog to showcase and highlight the excellent resources shared and developed by partner agencies.

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The Hub is for YOU.

Food security and community development program leaders, curious students and community members, food related academics and educators and community program ambassadors or convenors are all invited to join the conversation, share your experience, your unique voice and collaborative ideas.

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Basic membership is free.

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… with its emphasis on building and sharing community based expertise so that food security solutions meet the needs at the local level, this will be a much needed tool in fighting the effects of poverty.