Here are the different ways in which we currently support the important work of our partners in Kisipakamak (Brochet)

The Brochet Harvesting Program especially emphasizes fishing activities, and ensures to give all community youth an opportunity to learn how to fish our on the land. Fishing activities are also supported by a caribou hunt in the winter, sometimes also in collaboration with Dahlu T’ua located further north. In keeping with important Indigenous traditions, our partners that oversee the Harvester Program and harvesting activities ensure that vulnerable members of the community have opportunity to eat traditional food harvested from the land, especially community elders.  

We regularly ship seeds to the Brochet Health Centre and to key community partners to further disperse to all interested community members. In addition to a community greenhouse, the Brochet Health Centre also hosts a large seasonal garden where community members can come plant their own crops, and we’re also supporting the local school as they build raised garden beds!  

The winter road that connects Brochet to the permanent highway network is the longest winter road we support. This one winter road starts in O-Pipon-Na-Piwin, traverses north-west to Brochet, and further travels north all the way to Dahlu T’ua!